Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Amy Vergillo, Marketing Manager
Downtown Bellingham Partnership

Downtown Bellingham Partnership moves to a New Location

Bellingham, WA – The Downtown Bellingham Partnership is pleased to announce its downtown information station and headquarters moved to a new location Monday, Jan. 9. The Partnership, formerly located at 1304 Cornwall Avenue, moved to the Crown Plaza Executive Office Suites at 114 W Magnolia Street, Suite 105, Bellingham.

The new center will provide a more welcoming space for visitors, while offering a larger workspace for the organization’s operations. The new location also offers several amenities at a significantly lower cost than the previous space.

“When the opportunity to rent the space arose, we felt that the benefits outweighed the costs, and that making this move would be in the best interest of the Partnership and its mission,” said Leslie Langdon, president of the Downtown Bellingham Partnership board of directors.

The information station is currently open to visitors at the new location.

The Downtown Bellingham Partnership is a non-profit association of businesses, organizations and individuals working together to enhance, promote and advocate for a vibrant city center in Downtown Bellingham. For more information on Downtown Bellingham Partnership and upcoming events please visit or call 360-527-8710.