Friday, November 10th, 2017
Mount Baker Breeds Skiers Unlike Any Others
Heather Hansman—Powder Magazine

The handful of skiers lucky enough to grow up at the foot of the stormiest mountain in the country are distinctly a product of their environment

Will Hutchinson, 21, is peering over the edge of a cliff that looks like a diving board, trying to spot his landing. The conditions at Mount Baker Ski Area are so soupy he can hardly see through the fog, but he doesn’t let the poor visibility deter him‚ÄĒthese powdery, stormy conditions are what he knows best.

“You’re good!” says Hutchinson’s childhood friend, Mattias Evangelista, who is holding a camera from a vantage below. Hutchinson steps up to the in-run and takes off, going huge into the deep snow. When he lands, a chorus of whoops and a round of high fives greet him from the childhood friends he has skied with since he was in his dad’s backpack.

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