Friday, November 17th, 2017
You needn’t be a star athlete to excel at methodical sport of ice climbing
Kathryn True—The Seattle Times

Washington climbers go where and when it’s cold enough, for a sport that offers relatively easy advancement for newcomers.

Kim Desrosiers couldn’t pinpoint exactly why she was so drawn to ice climbing, but as she unpacked her gear in the Cascades last summer, she knew she was exactly where she was meant to be.

“The climb on Mount Baker and the Coleman Glacier was profound for me,” she says. “Not only from the sporting aspect, in that it physically challenged this 48-year-old female body to the edge of what was possible, but also from the meditative side, being in that vast expanse, among the inexplicable blues of the seracs, in what seemed to be the heart of the world, and experiencing the nonconceptual side of climbing.”

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