Monday, October 8th, 2018
Bellingham Beer Podcasts
Brandon Fralic

What I like about beer podcasts are their versatility: with a pair of headphones, you can enjoy a good podcast almost anywhere. Podcasts don’t demand your undivided attention like other forms of education or entertainment (such as reading a book or watching a movie). You can listen while driving, walking, or washing the dishes. It’s a great way to learn about a given topic while doing other tasks, or simply relaxing at home — beer in hand.

Bellingham Beer Podcasts. Photo: Tap Trail

In recent years, podcasting (like craft beer) has surged in popularity. It comes as no surprise, then, that there are numerous podcasts dedicated to beer and brewing. In Bellingham and Whatcom County, a handful of podcasters cover the thriving Bellingham beer scene from unique perspectives both inside and outside the industry. Here are three craft beer podcasts to follow in Bellingham.

The Overflow Taps Craft Beer Experience

Brought to you by the team at Overflow Taps, Craft Beer Experience is a local podcast with an emphasis on tasting beers from around the Northwest. Because podcast hosts Adam and Jesse own two taphouses in Whatcom County, they are exposed to a wide variety of brews both near and far. Typically, they’ll crack a can (or bottle) of something on tap at Overflow Taps, discussing the finer points of experiencing craft beer (appearance, smell, taste, mouthfeel). Some episodes go behind the scenes, such as in The Beer Buying Process Explained.

Occasionally, Adam and Jesse sit down with a local brewer. These episodes are where the show really shines. In Meet The Brewer – Frank Trosset from Aslan Brewing, the guys spend over an hour talking shop with Frank at the Aslan Depot. Listeners learn about Frank’s background — from growing up in Idaho and attending school in Florida — to eventually ending up in Bellingham where he began homebrewing in his parents’ basement. Aslan’s success story is all the more impressive when told from Frank’s perspective, as he shares how far Aslan has come from its humble homebrew beginnings.  

Tapped In Podcast

The Bellingham Tap Trail is best known for its map and passport — the go-to guide on breweries and taphouses around town. Tap Trail also produces a podcast covering “the people, news, and events in and around the Bellingham craft beer scene”. Hosted by Dave Morales and Aaron Johnson, Tapped In is a conversation-based podcast that’s 100% Bellingham-focused.

Episodes include Dave’s hour-long conversations with Steve DeMoney and Ben Buccarelli — both of Menace Brewing. Shorter episodes are peppered in as well. In episode 10, Aaron chats with Chad Kuehl, co-owner of Wander Brewing for a quick 25-minute peek into Wander’s world. In episode 6 he speaks with brewmaster Chris Bierman at Gruff Brewing, asking thought-provoking questions like, “how did beer find you?” This open-ended question comes up often in Aaron’s episodes, and it’s a great starting point for brewers to share their stories.

Cascadian Beer Podcast

Before contributing to the Tapped In Podcast, Aaron Johnson started his own show called Cascadian Beer Podcast. This podcast series tells the stories of brewers throughout Cascadia, with several shows featuring Whatcom County breweries like Atwood Ales and The North Fork Brewery.

Aaron with Josh and Monica of Atwood Ales.

Aaron’s radio broadcasting background is evident in the production quality — these shows sound professionally recorded. They typically run 20-30 minutes, making for a highly consumable show. In addition to Bellingham breweries, Cascadian Beer Podcast features brewers throughout Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia for a wider perspective of the Northwest beer scene. In Aaron’s words: “Until next time, support your local!”

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Freelance writer Brandon Fralic has called Bellingham home since 2006. He writes about the outdoors, travel, and craft beer for a variety of regional publications. Brandon co-founded Beers at the Bottom in 2013 to highlight Pacific Northwest trails and ales. His first book, Beer Hiking Pacific Northwest, was released in 2018.