Effective August 23, 2021, Indoor Masking is Required in the State of Washington Regardless of Vaccination Status per State Government.
July 1, 2020 / Kiana Kabanje / Washington Military Department

Preparedness expert: We need to rely on each other

Although the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order earlier this year was an uncomfortable mandate for many, one Bellingham neighborhood turned it into a friendly competition. In early March, many households in Washington made “one last trip” to the grocery stores to stock up on food and supplies before the COVID-19 pandemic bowling-balled its way through society. In the following weeks, folks found themselves making a trip to the store for simply one or two items. A group of five households in the Bellingham area noticed this trend and talked about it during a virtual bingo night they had created to stay in touch during the pandemic. As a group, the neighbors decided they wanted to limit these unnecessary trips to the store, so they created a competition – which household could go the longest without stepping foot into a store?

Competition Rules:

  • No member of the household can step foot into a store
  • If anyone does step foot into a store, they are out of the competition
  • If a household falls out of the competition, the whole family must dance in the street to show the neighbors that they lost
  • Takeout and delivery services from stores are acceptable
Read full article here: Washington Military Department
Original URL: https://mil.wa.gov/news/preparedness-expert-we-need-to-rely-on-each-other
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