Friday, August 24th, 2018
A Tide-to-Table Island Retreat
The New York Times Magazine

On lush, laid-back Lummi Island, about two hours north of Seattle, the weekend home of the food and lifestyle photographer Stephanie Eburah is an idyllic escape. Her shingled house is nestled on five acres and hugged by cedar, maple and alder trees. In the garden, lavender, lilies and lilacs abound, along with strawberries, boysenberries, tomatoes, cucumbers and a potpourri of herbs. It’s the perfect mise‐en‐scène for the communal dinners and culinary retreats that Eburah hosts there: Imagine an outdoor table, illuminated by string lights and the moon, with artfully arranged plates of plump oysters from the Puget Sound; smoked potatoes with gooey burrata and salmon roe; and buttery clams and mussels in a steamy pool of wine and leeks.

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