Saturday, November 4th, 2017
Craft Beer’s Yellow, Fizzy Revolution Hits Washington
Kendall Jones—Seattle Magazine

Craft beer was born out of rebellion. In the early 1980s, when the American beer landscape was populated exclusively by bubbly, light, relatively flavorless lager-style beers, a few visionary entrepreneurs started producing traditional English-style beers, aiming to give imbibers a more flavorful drinking experience. Washington helped lead the charge with breweries such as Redhook Brewery, Pyramid Brewing Co. and Hale’s Brewery. As some of the very first small, independent breweries in post-Prohibition America, they’re recognized today as founding fathers in the American craft beer revolution.

Chuckanut Brewing Pilsner
Another award-winning beer from one the nation’s most revered brewers of craft lagers, this sparkling golden beer bubbles with a soft, biscuit-like character that gives way to an earthy, minerally hop bitterness. This beer (5 percent ABV) is available in bottles at grocery stores and bottleshops, occasionally on tap at better beer-focused bars around Puget Sound, and is always available for glass pours or growler fills at the brewery’s two all-ages locations.

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