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Annette  Bagley | 07/23/2012 | Insider Blogs |   

Food and Activities Near Bellingham Airport

As Bellingham Airport grows, more and more people are  traveling from other communities to take advantage of its easy access and lower fare flights. Those not familiar with the area may not know where to find a good meal, or even fast food in close proximity to the airport. Here is a list of options beginning with what is available at the airport and extending outward. (I'm a mom. I know everyone has to eat sooner or later, and we're all happier when we've been fed!) Also, if you have a layover or a little extra time on your hands, I've included some fun activities.

Inside Bellingham Airport

Before you go through Security - Halibut Henry's is the quick service snack bar in the lobby of the airport near the check-in counters. Here you can find yummy pre-packaged sandwiches, cookies and hot and cold beverages, as well as a newspaper, magazine or unique souvenir. I was even delighted to find a delicious gluten free brownie in the snack case, which always make me happy!

Inside of Security - Scotty Brown's. For those of you who are catching flights or coming in from flights, you can now enjoy a sit-down meal in the boarding area at Scotty's Brown's, which just opened in May 2012. The menu is very similar to Scotty Brown's locations in Canada...

Adjacent to Bellingham Airport

Heritage Flight Museum

StreEat Food Truck on Wednesdays

On Bakerview Road, (east of airport)

The airport is located on the west side of the I-5 freeway exit 256? On the east side of the freeway at the same exit is a large Fred Meyer shopping complex on Bakerview Road, with a full grocery store and an indoor seating area near the grocery deli. Just east of Fred Meyer is a nice Starbucks with a large eating area, and a Jack-in-the-Box across the street.

Downtown Bellingham, Exit 252 (south of Bellingham Airport)


Fairhaven District, Exit 250 (south of Bellingham  Airport)

Fairhaven Historic District on the south side of Bellingham is only a 13 minute drive from the front of Bellingham Airport. I know, because I drove it myself. And I couldm't believe it is so close! This is a great place to park the car, stretch your legs and find a variety of sit-down restaurant options. Some of my favorites are:

  • Bookfare Cafe
  • Colophon Cafe
  • Dirty Dan Harris Steakhouse
  • Fairhaven Pizza
  • Jalapeno's Mexican Restaurant
  • Magdalena's Creperie
  • Skylark's Hidden Cafe

Ferndale, Exit 262 (north of Bellingham Airport)

Just a hop and a skip from the airport to the north (headed toward Canada), there are several options in Ferndale at exit 262. Fast food is super visible here including McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Sonic Drive Thru and The Woods Coffee. There is also a Haggen grocery store with an large indoor eating area, and a Starbucks inside.

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