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June 30, 2017 / Ben Shanks Kindlon / The Snowboarders Journals

Mt. Baker Slush Cup 2017: A Shenanigan Fueled Pond Skim Party

“They usually set up jumps at the end of the pond, not in the middle of it. Where are we even supposed to land?” The random skier standing next to me atop the drop-in point asks me this like I have a good answer to his question. Hell, I don’t even know who the “they” he’s referring to would be– like there are any real event organizers here. Along with the rest of the randomness going down at this year’s Slush Cup, these little kickers were constructed sporadically by the first few that showed up to the hill this morning. With too much lip and flat, ice water landings the jumps don’t make much sense at all. It’s an ideal set up for the annual shenanigan fueled pond skim party at Mt. Baker. Read full story here.  

Read full article here: The Snowboarders Journals
Original URL: https://www.thesnowboardersjournal.com/exclusive/mt-baker-slush-cup-2017/|https://www.thesnowboardersjournal.com/exclusive/mt-baker-slush-cup-2017/
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