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November 20, 2019 / Tamara Gane / Lonely Planet

Where to find Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest (and what to do if you don’t find them)

Legends of Sasquatch, aka Bigfoot, have existed in the Pacific Northwest for centuries. Native American tribes passed down stories about large, hairy, forest-dwelling creatures, and early settlers reported sightings of ape-like creatures as early as the 1800s. Yet, definitive proof of the creature’s existence has been elusive. This doesn’t mean Sasquatch doesn’t exist – someone just needs to step up and find it.

In the 1970s the Lummi Indian Reservation just outside of Bellingham, WA reported more than 100 Sasquatch sightings in a short period of time, including three from police officers. Today, the city of Bellingham has officially branded itself as a “Sasquatch Protection and Refuge Area” in order to protect the creature from harm.

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