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February 24, 2021

Lora Liegel, Market Director
Bellingham Farmers Market

Bellingham Farmers Market Mural

The Bellingham Farmers Market wants to bring a farmers market mural to Depot Market Square. For almost 30 years, the farmers market has provided a place for farmers, food producers, and local artisans to sell their goods. More than that, they have offered a consistent community gathering place where friends, neighbors, and family members can meet. The Bellingham Farmers Market has been at the Depot since 2006.

Despite the challenges of Covid-19, the Bellingham Farmers Market continues to provide an essential service, offering fresh, locally grown food from local farmers and producers. Bellingham Farmers Market wants to assure the community that the organization is here to stay. Painting a mural at the Depot will help designate the area as the permanent home of the Saturday farmers market. Additionally, it will bring vibrancy and pride to a beloved community space.

Local artists Gretchen Leggit (Gretchen Leggit Art) and Sarah Finger (Skyline Printworks) have agreed to create the mural design. These two local artists are well known in Bellingham and beyond.

Gretchen's unique perspective of the natural world encapsulates the energetic movement of topography and landscape. She has painted several murals in Bellingham, including the longest mural in Washington State – which is located right here in Bellingham. She is also the creator of Hydrascape Stickers which can be seen on cars, water bottles, coolers, and more.

Gretchen Leggitt Mural Largest Washington State

The longest mural in Washington State

Sarah's education in studying earth processes and her passion for outdoor pursuits greatly influences her work. Sarah does print making including carvings on linoleum and wood. Designs include plants, animals, and landscapes. Sarah notably worked with Kulshan Brewing to redesign their can packaging.

The Bellingham Farmers Market is 100% confident that these two artists can create a mural design that will burst with the energy and vibrancy of Bellingham Farmers Market!

The farmers market is hoping to secure $3500 in donations by April 15 to ensure painting takes place in early May. The mural will be available for all to enjoy this summer and for many more years to come.

To learn more and donate, go to the Indiegogo campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bellingham-farmers-market-mural#/

Bellingham Farmers Market: www.bellinghamfarmers.org

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