Birch Bay


There are families from Washington State and Canada who have summered in Birch Bay for generations. Located on a shallow, crescent-shaped bay, this beach-side community offers a range of year-round recreation for families or couples looking for a get-away from the hustle and bustle of big towns.

Activities include five challenging golf courses, a water slide park, go-carts, bingo, bike riding, horseback riding and sandcastle building

For the bird watchers, Birch Bay and nearby Blaine are a ‚Äúbirders paradise.” Birch Bay State Park and nearby Blaine‚Äôs Marine Park and Drayton Harbor are among the top birding spots on the Washington State Birding Trail‚Äôs Cascade Loop. This area boasts the largest heron rookery as well as a huge number of water fowl and shorebirds in the spring, fall and winter months. Along Birch Bay Drive are a number of spots for catching glimpses of nesting eagles.

A full-service resort community, there’s a range of lodging and camping options. Slow down and revitalize yourself in Birch Bay.

More Information

Population: 8,413
Elevation: 10 ft

Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce
4880 Beachcomber Way, Birch Bay

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