Monday, June 6th, 2016
Marine Drive Trail and Park Offer Spectacular Views of Bellingham Bay
Todd Elsworth

Within walking distance from the Bellingham International Airport is the Marine Drive Trail and Park. Or you can drive or ride your bike to the parking lot at 1025 Marine Dr.

A picnic table and benches along the way look out over Bellingham Bay as you wind through the short trail on the bluff. Looking out on a bright sunny day, I can’t help but use the panorama setting on my camera as I squint into the sun.


The picnic table provides a peaceful setting to bask in the sun or catch one of the colorful Bellingham Bay sunsets. While the trains may detract from the tranquility as they toot their horns rolling goods north and south, they are fun to count with the kids as they pass by.


From the pocket-size park, you can take the short trail that winds through the grass and trees. The trail is a segment in the Nooksack Loop Trail. It connects upland with another segment- read all about it: Take the Nooksack Loop Trail to Hovander Homestead Park. There are plans out there to connect with a trail around the airport, which would be very cool!


On the day I shot these photos, I just went out for a stroll between meetings to enjoy some fresh air and watch the planes fly overhead. Besides the commercial airlines that fly out of “BLI” there are usually some classics that are taking off and landing that are fun to watch fly overhead. The benches along the way provide convenient spots to sit and watch.


You can see from the absence of trees, spring had not yet sprung. Once the season is in full swing, the lushness of the trees creates a comfortable canopy to stroll down the path by yourself or with a loved one.


There is such abundance of parks and special places in Bellingham and around Whatcom County to get to know. Whether you are a “Bellinghamster” or just looking to visit our fourth corner, I’m delighted to be able to share some of these gems with you.


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About the Author:

As the co-Executive Director of Recreation Northwest and the founder of the Bellingham Traverse, Todd promotes outdoor recreation and brings people together to enjoy, preserve and improve the places where we play. He enjoys biking, hiking, paddling, skiing and will try anything twice. Get connected at