Monday, January 25th, 2016
Winter on the Mount Baker Highway – Alpine Sunsets atop Huntoon Point

The recent clear skies and plentiful snow in the North Cascades are refreshing for the soul. Once you get a taste, you have to go back. Soon! The end of the Mount Baker Highway is our launch point. We were up for a quick drive and a guaranteed spectacular alpine sunset.


It was a quickie of a trip. We knew what we wanted and how to get it. Go to the end of the highway, strap on some snowshoes and go up. Then wait. Wait for it. As the sun makes it’s way behind Mt. Baker to the west, the surrounding peaks first become illuminated in the alpinglow and then the sunset, sets in.

We hiked up to Huntoon Point from the end of the Mt Baker Highway to catch these priceless vistas. (OK, the price of gas and some sandwiches should be considered) I was up here earlier for my Snowshoe Selfie with Mount Shuksan trip report.  This time, I brought company. Great company. The best. We go way back. On this day, we were looking forward. Into the future. And North to Canada, BTW.


To the East, the sun set majestically and magically produced varied hues of color that my camera is not prepared to capture. It does have a cool panorama feature though:


We sauntered down slope enjoying the fading backdrop in the distance, in the world beyond.


Looking back, the ominous Table Mountain was not as inviting as it can be in more generous light. In the spring Table Mountain – (is) The Icing on the Cake. We had it well timed, so that when we reached the parking lot, the twilight was enough to get back to our reliable ride!


My commitment to the alpine climes this winter was encouraged by the kind words of The Quiet Joys of Huntoon Point, John D’Onofrio, 13 Nov, 2015 Adventures NW.

He also planted the seeds even earlier with Snowshoeing in Paradise: A Pilgrimage to Artist Point, John D’Onofrio, 22 Jan, 2013 Adventures NW.

Check out John’s next endeavor: Elevation: The Art of Cascadia- a passionate celebration of the northwest landscape.

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