Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

Chris Caldwell, Director of Sales & Marketing
The Chrysalis Inn & Spa / Keenan's at the Pier

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The Chrysalis Inn & Spa Presents Their May Spa Donation

The Chrysalis Inn & Spa presented another monthly spa donation in the amount of $2,000, this time to support Officer Community Care for May. Support Officer Community Care is a non-profit organization founded in Whatcom County in 1982 whose mission is to impact and influence the quality of life for families experiencing tragedy and trauma in the community, and the First Responders who serve them.

Support Officers respond with law enforcement, fire and EMS, 24 hours a day, responding to sudden, unexpected deaths such as suicides, homicides, traffic fatalities, or death of a child. In addition to providing on-scene support, they offer resource materials, provide meals, send cards, and offer to follow up, for weeks, months, or years after a death.  In the event of a criminal case, Support Officers, cross-trained as victim advocates, will provide courtroom support throughout the trial.

Support Officers also assist and support first responders, providing ongoing training. A website has been established as a resource to provide informational support and referral for emotional trauma and grief issues.

The Chrysalis, a locally owned hotel, spa & restaurant on Fairhaven’s waterfront, has been giving 1% of monthly spa revenues to a local non-profit since February of 2017, now totaling over $30,000.

In honor of Pride Month, Bellingham Pride will be the recipient of the June spa donation. That organization’s goal is to cultivate and preserve a safe and healthy community for LGBTQ+ folks and their families to live, work, grow, and thrive.

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