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Bellingham Admin | 04/17/2010 | Farms & Agriculture, Insider Blogs |   

A Benefit of The Bellingham Farmers Market

I will admit it. I’ve been reluctant to get into organic, local eating. I’m good in spurts. I like the idea of it, but I find that I’m bad in practice. I recently decided to get an organic veggie bin delivered to my house twice a month. That was a good start. But when I’m dong my meal planning and recipe hunting, I don’t always think about the local, organic side of my ingredients. I’m quickly realizing that it’s hard to come up with a "valid"  excuse as a Bellinghamster. Take the Bellingham Farmer's Market for example. Jackpot. I have spent the last few Saturdays down at the Farmers Market. Yes, I probably spent more on my groceries there than I would have if I had gone to a chain grocery and bought name-brand items. That's true.  But I’m not sure I would have enjoyed my cheeses, breads, cookies, nuts, pasta, etc as much had I not purchased these items at the market. My conscience certainly benefited, too. Rain or shine, I love the inspiration, smells and tastes I feel when I go there. Getting there by bike is even better.

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