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Restaurants Offering Take Out Food, Curbside Pickup and Delivery in Bellingham and Whatcom County

Not sure which restaurants and breweries are offering to-go and curbside pickup in Bellingham and Whatcom County? This list of restaurants and businesses provides visitors and locals with everything they need to know to find great food and support our community.

Check our Travel Advisory Page and Visitor Safety Guidelines for current travel restrictions in Bellingham and Whatcom County including COVID-19 related guidelines. Take a look at Restaurants Currently Open with Outdoor Seating in Bellingham and Whatcom County.

Ordering Services

Several ordering services offer restaurant food delivery around Bellingham and Whatcom County. These include:

Restaurants and Bars Offering Takeout & Delivery

1-Up Lounge

1-Up is open with brisket, burnt ends, family meals, and booze and wine available to go.

πŸ“ž (360) 398-6183

🏠 1121 McKenzie Ave, Bellingham, Washington

Aslan Brewing Company

Aslan is open for to-go only! They have all their favorites available for pick up including their Bison Bacon Burger and their Hawaiian bowl.

The Aslan Depot is temporary closed.

πŸ“ž (360) 393-4106

🏠 1330 N Forest St, Bellingham, Washington

Avenue Bread

All four Avenue Bread locations in Whatcom county are open for takeout. Call to order.

  • Downtown πŸ“ž (360) 715-3354
    • 🏠 1313 Railroad Ave., Bellingham, Washington
  • Fairhaven πŸ“ž (360) 715-3354
    • 🏠 1135 11th St., Bellingham, Washington
  • James Street πŸ“ž (360) 715-3354
    • 🏠 2301 James St., Bellingham, Washington

πŸš—Order with Viking Food

  • Lynden πŸ“ž (360) 715-3354
    • 🏠 444 Front St, Lynden, Washington
    • πŸš— Order with Viking Food


Enjoy your Bantam favorites like the chicken ceasar wrap, fried chicken family meal which includes six pieces of Bantam's classic rotisserie chicken.

πŸ’» Click here to order online.

🏠1327 Railroad Ave, Bellingham, Washington

Best Chopsticks

Enjoy delicious Chinese food at home with Best Chopsticks.

πŸ“ž (360) 647-2381

🏠 121 Unity St, Bellingham, Washington

Big Love Juice Bar + Kitchen

Big Love Juice is open for take-out and delivery! Visit their website to order online and view their full menu.

πŸ“ž (360) 383-5336

🏠 1149 N State St, Bellingham,  Washington

The Birch Door Cafe

Birch Door is offering take out to-go on all your breakfast and lunch favorites.

πŸ“ž (360) 306-8598

🏠 4192 Meridian St, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš— Order with Viking Food

Black Sheep

Black Sheep is open seven days a week for takeout and delivery! Their menu is limited and may change, check out their website to learn more. All take-out orders can be picked up at their walk-up window in the alley next to the building.

πŸ“ž (360) 526-21098

🏠 211 W Holly St, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš—Order with Viking Food

Boundary Bay Brewery

Boundary's curbside pickup and delivery will still be available moving forward once you get the hankering.

Customers can now order brunch online for delivery on Friday and Saturday nights! Plan ahead and stay in bed while enjoying all our Boundary Bay favorites including their biscuits & gravy, cinnamon rolls, a mimosa fixings package, and breakfast burritos.

πŸ“ž(360) 647-5593

🏠 1107 Railroad Ave, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš—Order with Viking Food

Boundary Bay Take Out Brunch


From seed to plate and now right to you! Order Brandywine and have local flavors delivered right to your door.

πŸ“ž(360) 734-1071

🏠 1317 Commercial St, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš—Order with Viking Food

B-Town Kitchen & Raw Bar

B-Town is open for take-out!

πŸ“ž (360) 392-6520

🏠 714 Lakeway Dr, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš—Order with Viking Food

Cafe Rumba

Add some spice to your life! Cafe Rumba is open for take-out on all their breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials. Online ordering is now available.

πŸ“ž(360) 746-8280

🏠 1140 N State St, Bellingham, Washington

Calypso Kitchen

Check out Calypso's website to stay up to date on each week's Heat and Eat menu! Their Caribbean-inspired menu features a variety of meat, seafood with vegetarian options available and it’s all gluten-free and dairy-free.

Pick up and delivery is available.

πŸ“ž(360) 413-3983

🏠 4073 Hannegan Rd, Bellingham, Washington


Camber is open for take-out with seating available in their heated parklet!

πŸ“ž (360) 656-5343

🏠 221 W Holly St, Bellingham, Washington



Enjoy wood fire flavors with a New York flavor at Bellingham's newest restaurant Carnal, who is currently open for take-out!

πŸ“ž (360) 306-3587

🏠 1234 N State St, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš—Order with Viking Food

Carnal Bellingham (16)

Casa Que Pasa

Casa now delivers! Order online and select delivery to get their world-famous potato burrito to come to you.

Customers can also stop by for pick-up or order through UberEats and GrubHub.

πŸ“ž (360) 756-8226

🏠 1415 Railroad Ave., Bellingham, Washington

Chair 9

Specializing in Woodstone pizza, buffalo meat, and Mount Baker Wines, Chair 9 is open for take-out.

πŸ“ž (360) 599-2511

🏠 10459 Mt. Baker Hwy. Glacier, Washington

Chihuahua Mexican Restaurant

Chihuahua is open for pickup! Customers can also place their orders online and have their food delivered right to your door.

πŸ“ž (360) 384-5820

🏠 5694 3rd Ave, Ferndale, Washington

Coconut Kenny’s

Coconut Kenny's Bellingham and Lynden locations are open for take-out and will be serving customers through their pickup window. The Ferndale location will be offering curbside pick up only. Customers can also order online!

  • Bellingham πŸ“ž 360-647-9273
    • 🏠 2220 James Street, Bellingham, Washington
  • Ferndale πŸ“ž 360-656-5974
    • 🏠 1740 Labounty Dr #1 Ferndale, Washington
  • Lynden πŸ“ž 360-392-8435
    • 🏠 8122 Guide Meridian Lynden, Washington

Cosmos Bistro

Cosmos is open for take-out and curbside pickup only!

πŸ“ž (360) 255-0244

🏠 1151 N State St, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš— Order with Viking Food

Crave Catering

Order from Crave's regular menu or check out their website to see their weekly home-style menu. Food may be delivered upon request.

πŸ“ž (360) 223-4900

Cruisin Coffee

All Cruisin Coffee locations are open!

  • Lakeway πŸ“ž (360) 734-3190
    • 🏠 1078 Lakeway Dr, Bellingham, Washington
  • Iowa πŸ“ž (360) 756-1688
    • 🏠 1506 Iowa St, Bellingham, Washington
  • Alabama πŸ“ž (360) 647-0083
    • 🏠 800 Alabama St, Bellingham, Washington
  • Bakerview πŸ“ž (360) 647-5634
    • 🏠 2429 E Bakerview Rd, Bellingham, Washington
  • Airport πŸ“ž (360) 715-8700
    • 🏠 3906 Bennett Dr, Bellingham, Washington
  • Cordata πŸ“ž (360) 738-8812
    • 🏠 319 Calluna Ct, Bellingham, Washington
  • Ferndale πŸ“ž (360) 384-8100
    • 🏠 5885 Portal Way, Ferndale, Washington
  • Lynden πŸ“ž (360) 318-1919
    • 🏠 1976 Kok Rd, Lynden, Washington

Culture Cafe

The Culture Cafe is open for pickup on all their delicious kombucha.

πŸ“ž (360) 746-6558

🏠 210 E Chestnut St, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš— Order with Viking Food

D’Anna’s Cafe Italiano

Enjoy indoor and outdoor dining at D’Anna’s Cafe in downtown Bellingham! This brick-walled cafe is known for its fresh pasta, Sicilian fare, and a bevy of local and imported wines. In the D’Anna tradition, only the freshest and finest ingredients are used in their recipes.

πŸ“ž (360) 714-0188

🏠 1319 N State St, Bellingham, Washington

Dirty Dan Harris Steakhouse

Dirty Dan's is open for take-out orders! Enjoy their delicious steaks, seafood, and prime rib dinners in the comfort of your own home.

Their menu can be found online and orders can be placed via phone.

πŸ“ž (360) 676-1011

🏠 1211 11th St, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš—Order with Viking Food

El Agave Mexican Restaurant

All El Agave locations are open for take-out!

  • Bellingham πŸ“ž (360) 676-0340
    • 🏠 207 N Samish Way, Bellingham, Washington
  • Fairhaven πŸ“ž (360) 733-9900
    • 🏠 1111 Harris Ave., Bellingham, Washington
  • Sudden Valley πŸ“ž (360) 393-3853
    • 🏠 4 Clubhouse Cir, Bellingham, Washington

Elizabeth Station

Elizabeth Station is open for to-go and curbside delivery. Visit their website for up to date information on their current food specials.

πŸ“ž (360) 733-8982

🏠 1400 W Holly St., Bellingham, Washington

Emerald City Smoothie

Emerald City Smoothie is open. Customers are encouraged to call ahead to order.

πŸ“ž (360) 647-2357

🏠 1058 Lakeway Drive, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš— Order with Viking Food

Evolve Chocolate + Cafe in Historic Fairhaven

Evolve Chocolate + Cafe will post their weekly menu online for Friday dinners and Sunday brunches. Curbside service and outdoor seating is available on the Village Green too!

Evolve Espresso + Provisions in Downtown Bellingham

At their Downtown Bellingham location, Evolve Espresso + Provisions will be serving their fresh Grab + Go foods; soup, pretzel sandwiches, breakfast burritos, parmesan egg cups, blueberry coffee cake, ginger citrus pies, honeycomb sponge toffee, chocolate truffles, and of course Espresso drinks, wine bottles, beer cans, fine cigars and fresh flowers!

Insider Tip: Enjoy take out and spiked hot chocolate at the Fairhaven Cafe counter Thursday through Saturday 9 a.m. - 8 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. 

  • Fairhaven πŸ“ž (360) 220-1898
    • 🏠 1200 11th St, Bellingham, Washington
  • Downtown 🏠 1226 Cornwall Avenue, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš—Order with Viking Food

Fat Pie Pizza

Fat Pie is open for pick-up orders of Bellingham's only Chicago deep dish pizza!

πŸ“ž (360) 366-8090

🏠1015 Harris Ave, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš—Order with Viking Food

Fiamma Burger

Pick-up is available at Fiamma Burger seven days a week! Customers can now order online.

πŸ“ž (360) 733-7374

🏠 1309 Railroad Ave., Bellingham, Washington

πŸš—Order with Viking Food

Filling Station

The Filling Station is offering take-out at both of their locations. Orders at their Sunnyland location can be picked up at their 'Park 'n Order Window.' Fairhaven's location will have orders available at the hostess stand.

  • Sunnyland πŸ“ž (360) 746-2079
    • 🏠 716 Alabama St, Bellingham, Washington
  • Fairhaven πŸ“ž (360) 715-1839
    • 🏠 1138 Finnegan Way, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš—Order with Viking Food

Five Columns

With more than 30 years' worth of experience, you won't find more authentic Greek flavors anywhere in Bellingham. Five Columns is bringing the flavors to you with take-out and delivery.

πŸ“ž (360) 676-9900

🏠 1301 E Maple St., Bellingham, Washington

πŸš—Order with Viking Food

Good To Go Meat Pies

Open for pick-up only, stop by Good To Go Meat Pies for a homemade pasty. Customers can now order online to provide a contact-free experience.

  • Downtown Bellingham πŸ“ž (360) 966-2400
    • 🏠 1306 Commercial St, Bellingham, Washington
  • Everson πŸ“ž (360) 966-2400
    • 🏠 128 W Main St, Everson, Washington

Grahams Historical Restaurant

Serving a delicious menu of mountain favorites car hop style or for take-out.

πŸ“ž (360) 599-1933

🏠 9989 Mt. Baker Hwy, Glacier, Washington

Grant's Burgers

Open for take-out with online ordering coming soon!

  • Bellingham πŸ“ž (360) 393-4082
    • 🏠 2601 Birchwood Ave, Bellingham, Washington
    • πŸš— Order with Viking Foods
  • Ferndale πŸ“ž (360) 922-0335
    • 🏠 2254 Douglas Rd, Ferndale, Washington
    • πŸš— Order with Viking Foods
  • Lynden πŸ“ž (360) 318-8599
    • 🏠 1945 Front St, Lynden, Washington
    • πŸš— Order with Viking Foods

Great Blue Heron Grill

The Great Blue Heron Grill at Semiahmoo Resort is now offering to-go meals with curbside service.

If you're interested in take-out or eating in your guestroom, you can order takeout from Packers Bar & Grill and Great Blue Heron. The Seaview Café & General Store is also serving up house-made grab & go sandwiches, salads, beverages, and more for breakfast and lunch.

Visit their website to see their seasonal take-out menu!

πŸ“ž (360) 371-7005, ext 4.

🏠 8720 Semiahmoo Pkwy, Blaine, Washington

Guud Bowls

Guud Bowls are cooked and packaged bowls of chilled food that is delivered right to your store. Guud Bowls features weekly menus that are always gluten-free and are cooked, served and delivered in Whatcom County. It's a great way to get food delivered right to your doorstep.

πŸ“ž (360) 510-4880

Herb Niemann's Steak House

Herb Niemann’s Steakhouse is offering their entire menu minus seafood for take-out.

πŸ“ž (360) 966-2855

🏠 203 W Main St, Everson, Washington

Hilltop Restaurant & Catering

Hilltop Restaurant & Catering is open for take-out only.

πŸ“ž (360) 398-2462

🏠 5645 Guide Meridian, Bellingham, Washington

Horseshoe Cafe

Enjoy take-out from the oldest restaurant in Washington State! Order online or over the phone and bring home Horseshoe favorites like chicken and waffles and the bacon guacamole burger.

πŸ“ž (360) 933-4301

🏠 113 E Holly St, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš—Order with Viking Food

Horseshoe Tabletop 1


All Jalapenos locations are offering take out to-go! Call now or order online to pick up all your favorites like Big Mamas and grilled fajitas.

Jeckyl & Hyde BBQ and Ale house

Call or text Jeckyl & Hyde's to order their meats and specialty items but the pound! All items are vacuumed sealed and shipped right to your door!

πŸ“ž (360) 739-3677

🏠 709 W Orchard Place Bellingham, Washington

Joe's Fine Coffee

Serving superb espresso, drip coffee, tea and hot chocolate along with sandwiches and pastries. Drive through only.

πŸ“ž (360) 389-3276

🏠 7463 Mt. Baker Hwy, Maple Falls, Washington

Just Poke

Just Poke is open for take-out only.

πŸ“ž (360) 922-3388

🏠 201 E Chestnut St., Bellingham, Washington

πŸš— Order with Viking Food

Keenan's at the Pier

Keenan’s at the Pier is open for take-out! Family-style meals for up to 4 people are available along with cocktails, wine and beer.

πŸ“ž (360) 756-1005 option 1 hotel to order and specify your pick up time between 3-6 p.m. daily.

🏠 804 10th St, Bellingham, Washington

Kulshan Brewing

Kulshan is not only open, they also deliver! Both locations will continue to offer online ordering for curbside pickup and Bellingham delivery. Both locations also have their outdoor beer garden open for anyone interested in dining-in.

  • K2 πŸ“ž (360) 389-5348
    • 🏠 1538 Kentucky St, Bellingham, Washington
  • Sunnyland πŸ“ž (360) 389-5348
    • 🏠 2238 James St, Bellingham, Washington

Kulshan Brewing Mask (3)

Kuru Kuru Sushi

Kuru Kuru is open for to-go orders only.

πŸ“ž (360) 392-8224

🏠 11 Bellwether Way, Bellingham, Washington

La Fiamma Wood-Fire Pizza

La Fiamma is open for take-out! Pick up your pizza at the pickup window or enjoy a bite on their heated deck.

πŸ“ž (360) 647-0060

🏠 200 E Chestnut St, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš—Order with Viking Food

Leaf & Ladle

Leaf and Ladle will be remaining open for take-out orders!

πŸ“ž (360) 319-9718

🏠 1113 N State St, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš—Order with Viking Food

Lighthouse Bar & Grill

The Lighthouse Bar & Grill is open for take-out and room service for Hotel Bellwether guests. The Grill is serving their favorites dishes paired with fine wines and local brews to enjoy at home.

πŸ“ž (360) 392-3200

🏠 1 Bellwether Way, Bellingham, Washington


Lombardi's is open for curbside pickup featuring your favorite comfort foods. Customers can order online which includes delivery or curbside pickup.

Customers can also order groceries to-go through Lombardi's and make your favorite dishes right at home!

πŸ“ž (360) 714-8412

🏠 21 Bellwether Way Suite 112, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš— Order with Viking Food

The Loft

The Loft has moved to The Latitude at Sunset to serve via their drive-thru.

πŸ“ž (360) 707-7400

🏠 1065 E Sunset Dr, Bellingham, Washington

Lost Giants Cider Company

Lost Giant's is open for pick up only! Order online or call to place your order and pick up local cider. Customers can also pre-order on Lost Giants' new website.

πŸ“ž (360) 778-2189

🏠 1200 Meador Ave, Bellingham, Washington

Maikham Restaurant

Maikham is open for to-go orders!

πŸ“ž (360) 746-8098

🏠 1125 Finnegan Way, Bellingham, Washington

Mallard Ice Cream

Online preorders for curbside pickup and contactless walk-up window!

πŸ“ž (360) 734-3884

🏠 1323 Railroad Ave, Bellingham, Washington

McKay's Taphouse

McKay's is open for pick-up and delivery orders! Their take out menu will continue to feature canned and bottled beer and growler fill-ups for pick up orders.

πŸ“ž (360) 647-3600

🏠 118 E Maple St., Bellingham, Washington

Mount Bakery Cafe

Mount Bakery Cafe is open for take-out! Customers can order online, by phone or at the door at both locations. Delivery is also available through Postmates.

  • Downtown πŸ“ž (360) 715-2195
    • 🏠 308 W Champion St., Bellingham, Washington
  • Fairhaven πŸ“ž (360) 778-1261
    • 🏠 1217 Harris Ave., Bellingham, Washington

Nicki's Bella Marina

Stop by Nicki's Bella Marina is open for take out and delivery on all your favorites including fish and chips. Customers can also order through Uber Eats.

πŸ“ž (360) 332-2505

🏠  2615 S Harbor Loop Dr, Bellingham, Washington

Dsc 4155

Northfork Brewery

Northfork is open for take-out orders on all their favorites including beer, pizza and calzones!

πŸ“ž (360) 599-2337

🏠  6186 Mt Baker Hwy, Deming, Washington

North Fork Brewery 0172


northwater is offering take-out orders. Orders can be picked up at the front desk.

πŸ“ž (360) 398-6191

🏠 4260 Mitchell Way, Bellingham, Washington

Ovn Wood Fired Pizza

Ovn Pizza has its entire menu available including take-and-bake pizzas and local beer, wine and cider. All take-out and delivery orders are pre-paid, cashless, contact-free and will include a 15% gratuity to support their employees.

πŸ“ž (360) 393-4327

🏠 1148 10th St, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš—Order with Viking Food

Magdalena's Bistro & Creperie

Magdalena's Creperie is open on takeaway dinners on Fridays! The menu is updated weekly and always features fresh local ingredients. Call or text 360-483-8569 to pre-order by Thursday at 4 p.m.

Customers can order home made pierogis by appointment on Saturday and Sundays.

πŸ“ž (360) 483-8569

🏠 1200 10th St #103, Bellingham, Washington

Magdalena's Fairhaven District Bellingham Washington


Bellingham's Mykonos is open for curbside pickup with a new menu just for you!

πŸ“ž(360) 715-3071

🏠 1650 West Bakerview Road, Bellingham, Washington

Pepper Sisters

Enjoy flavors inspired by New Mexico and the Pacific Northwest at home with Pepper Sisters! Most of their menu items are available for take-out like the cilantro pesto quesadilla.

Check out their website for the complete menu.

πŸ“ž (360) 671-3414

🏠 1055 N State St, Bellingham, Washington


Pizza Time is currently offering free delivery, take out and curbside pickup. Customers can call or order online.

πŸ“ž (360) 650-0555

🏠 505 32nd St STE 106, Bellingham, Washington


Pizza'zza's Fairhaven and Alabama locations are both open!

For a contact-free experience, order online and choose curbside delivery.  Daily specials can be found on their website and Facebook page.

  • Fairhaven πŸ“ž (360) 218-7012
    • 🏠 1501 12th St, Bellingham, Washington
  • Alabama πŸ“ž (360) 218-7012
    • 🏠 2418 Alabama St, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš— Order with Viking Food

Pure Bliss Desserts

Pure Bliss is offering delivery of individual desserts! They are also accepting pre-orders for whole desserts via phone.

πŸ“ž (360) 739-1612

🏠 1424 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš— Order with Viking Food

The Racket

The Racket is open for take-out and outdoor dining on their brand new patio! Stop by for a drink and some delicious falafel.

πŸ“ž (360) 778-1067

🏠 1220 N State St, Bellingham, Washington


Bring home comforting, chef-made New American cuisine with exceptional cocktails, beer and wine! Saltine is open with online ordering for take-out only, Wednesday through Saturday. Menu specials and updates can be found on their website and Facebook page.

πŸ“ž (360) 392-8051

🏠 114 Prospect St, Bellingham, Washington

Simmering Tava

Simmering Tava is now offering free no minimum delivery on all orders. Customers are also able to order via phone for pick-up on all food and alcohol items. Online ordering is expected to start this week.

πŸ“ž (360) 519-7815

🏠 1311 N State St., Bellingham Washington

Skylarks Hidden Cafe

Skylark Hidden Cafe is open for to-go orders and curbside pickup in Historic Fairhaven District!

πŸ“ž (360) 715-3642

🏠 1308 11th St., Bellingham Washington

πŸš— Order with Viking Food

My Ideal Day In Historic Fairhaven Bellingham Washington Skylark Restaurant (1)

Snowy River Cocktail Co.

Snowy River is open for take-out. Their menu includes cocktails to go, sliders, fish’s chips and of course their delicious burgers.

And for the holiday season, Snowy River has a special cocktail menu to go!

πŸ“ž (360) 933-4133

🏠 100 N Commercial St, Bellingham, Washington

Steakhouse 9

Steakhouse 9 is now offering curbside pickup for all of their to-go food! Customers can call and place their order and even pre-pay to ensure quick and public free service. Call once you arrive and your food will be brought right out to you.

πŸ“ž (360) 778-2849

🏠 115 E Homestead Blvd, Lynden, Washington

Swim Club Cocktail Bar

Order a Swim Club Cocktail kit and spicy up your weekend! All orders will be available for curbside pickup. Swim club has also added some fun new food items to their take out menu, prepared by chef Todd!

πŸ“ž (360) 393-3826

🏠 1147 11th St, Bellingham, Washington

Thousand Acre Cider House

Thousand Acre Cider House has launched an expanded online store for gift cards, merchandise, and cans and bottles available for pickup.

πŸ“ž (360) 795-5400

🏠 109 Grand Ave Suite 101, Bellingham, Washington

Twin Sisters Creamery

Twin Sisters Creamery is open for cheese orders! Call or text to place your order for locally made cheese and pick up your cheese with Twin Sister's curbside set up for a contact-free experience. Delivery is free in Ferndale City limits.

πŸ“ž (360) 656-5240

🏠 6202 Portal Way, Ferndale, Washington

Wander Brewing

Stop by Wander for beer to go! This includes beer ordered online for pick up as well, so stop in for a pint or pick up beer to go today! Check out their website for daily updates on available brews.

πŸ“ž (360) 647-6152

🏠1807 Dean Ave, Bellingham, Washington

Welcome Store

Serving fast food that tastes great and travels well! Order online or by phone.

πŸ“ž (360) 922-7294

🏠 5565 Mt Baker Hwy, Deming, Washington

West Coast Pops

West Coast Pops is bringing their homemade treats straight to you! Customers can order online to have their popsicles delivered.

πŸ“ž (360) 656-5160

🏠 2010 N State St., Bellingham, Washington

Woods Coffee

All drive-thru locations will remain open, however, store hours may vary and lobbies are operating as “Take-Out Only." All seating and meeting rooms will be closed.

Dsc 8084

Yuki Yama

A Mount Baker Highway eatery focused on authentic homemade Japanese cuisine. Take out only.  

πŸ“ž (206) 406-5382

🏠 7471 Mt. Baker Hwy. Maple Falls, Washington

YunGaNe Korean Restaurant

Enjoy great Korean food in the comfort of your home, thanks to YunGaNe, who is open for take-out.

πŸ“ž (360) 392-8658

🏠 1204 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham, Washington

Zane Burger

Zane Burger is ready for all the take out orders they can handle! Customers can call or order online.

πŸ“ž (360) 734-5226

🏠 1315 12th St, Bellingham, Washington

πŸš— Order with Viking Food

Keep an eye on social media for updates from your favorite restaurants, bars, and cafes. To be added to this list, contact us at: media@bellingham.org

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