Effective August 23, 2021, Indoor Masking is Required in the State of Washington Regardless of Vaccination Status per State Government.

Good Time Girls Walking Tour in Bellingham

If 2020 has you wishing you could step back in time, then grab your mask and head to downtown Bellingham for some Belling-history with the Good Time Girls.

The Good Time Girls began bringing guided historical walking tours to Bellingham in 2011. Dressed in period costume based on “scandalous” postcards from the 1890s and 1900s, the Good Time Girls deliver their tours with a touch of sass and humor. It’s certainly nothing like history class!

The Good Time Girls original tour offering was the “Sin and Gin” tour, regaling tourists and locals alike with stories from the brothels and saloons of days gone by.

My teens and I took the tour on a warm fall evening with tour guide Kolby LaBree sharing tales of sin and gin from Bellingham’s early days before four small towns incorporated in the city we know today. Like many western frontier towns, Bellingham’s population grew as men came north for the Alaska Gold Rush.

Some went north and came back, some never made it out of Bellingham; the result was a lot of men away from their homes, families and churches. So perhaps it’s not surprising brothels and saloons became big business for these little boom towns. 

As we wound our way around downtown, LaBree pointed out some of the many locations these businesses called home over the years, along with sharing the stories of the well-meaning citizens who sought to put an end to the sin and gin. We learned where Bellingham’s “red light district” was located and what those red lights signified. (I won’t give it away here; take the tour to find out!)

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