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January 15, 2017 / Jeannine Avelino / Everythingbutweddings.ca|http://everythingbutweddings.ca/|http://everythingbutweddings.ca/|http://everythingbutweddings.ca/|http://everythingbutweddings.ca/|http://everythingbutweddings.ca/

Photos from Bandit Cross in Bellingham 2017

Yesterday, Cuski and I headed off to Bellingham for Bandit Cross, his first cyclocross race of 2017 (and maybe last of the season). We were quite optimistic about how the day would go; however, we soon learned that life had other plans for us. We left Bellingham with sore muscles. He was sore from racing and I was sore from just being a klutz (slipped on a patch of ice and twisted my ankle). Fortunately, I managed to get some decent shots of the race. It was pretty interesting. They had a Le Mans start, which meant that riders started by running to their bikes that were lying on the ground about 100 feet away. Check out the full blog with photos here.

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