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Todd Elsworth | 03/07/2014 | Insider Blogs |   

Sitting on the Dock on the Bay - Taylor Dock and Boulevard Park in Bellingham

It's no secret that Taylor Dock, just outside of Fairhaven Historic District in Bellingham is one of the most popular trails in Whatcom County. Taylor Dock offers the opportunity for people to propel themselves in monorail-like fashion over the open waters of Bellingham Bay.  This connector from the Fairhaven Village Green to Boulevard Park is one of the best ways to experience an excellent slice of what Bellingham has to offer. There are benches along the way to grab a seat and soak in the views of distant mountains with the taste of salt water on your palate.

TaylorDock As you walk along the elevated boardwalk, views to the north afford peeks of the peaks. On clear days, in the distance, the Canadian Border Peaks can be seen rising above the skyline. Interesting aspects of the geologic history of the region are visible from this man-made walkway. Look around.

One lump in the water is a reminder of the industry of Bellingham's interesting past. For years it has sat alone in the enclosed space drawing eyes in with wonderment and questions. I challenge you to ask "the locals" to see if they know what that "lump" in the water is as you saunter down the decks of the dock. While it's not there anymore, the sculpture Grace, used to sit perched on the 'rock'.


The exposure on the dock is worth it. It's a place where people go to see and be seen. If you're into people watching, this is one of the best places in B'ham to do it. Go alone, grab a friend or get a group together- everyone's heading to the dock for a walk, go see for yourself.


The dock connects Fairhaven & The Chrysalis Inn to Boulevard Park. Once you make your way across the converted pilings and reach land again, you will find yourself in the Woods Coffee. This is a great place to grab a cup of joe to go or sit and enjoy a latte or snack while relaxing in the comfort of the cozy surroundings. The views of the bay and beyond from within and outside (next to the outdoor fireplace) are astounding.


If you need to provide more incentive for the "rest of the family: aka, the kids" to make it as far as the hot chocolate at Woods Coffee and beyond- the new kids Pirate Playground will be sure to entertain. One of my favorite features of this play structure is the "walk the plank" element built in. Go check it out.


The beach is brand new this year (2014). It was recently remodeled and now gives direct access to the water. I like how the design has a transition from sand to rock to water. The natural feel of the landscape is a welcome change from the barriers of rip-rap that were there in the past.


The new natural landscape is a welcome change that we all embrace. This new beachscape will provide public access to Bellingham Bay in a way that is becoming a tradition in how we evolve as a community. Marine Park led the way. We're looking forward to the next project!


There are many interesting features that you'll find in Boulevard Park. A personal favorite is the group of rocks, scattered on the north end of the park. The flat, smooth surface of the tallest rock makes for a great slide- if you can reach the summit.


Like the rocks stuck in the ground, this story and these pictures are just the tip of the iceberg, if you will, for what you will find OUT THERE on Taylor Dock and in Boulevard Park. Enjoy.

Tribute to the title of this entry: Sitting on the dock of the bay ~ Otis Redding.

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